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Levesque's Furniture Outlet Incorporated provides rock bottom pricing on quality furnishings and is open to the general public. Our mandate is to locate high quality new furniture and make it available to the consumer at huge savings. You will discover within our 10,600 sq. ft. facility, furniture stacked to the ceiling that ranges from one-of-a-kind, unique, hard to find items, to factory seconds, and discontinued models. We also make available from many manufacturers their complete stock of brand new merchandise at retail pricing many of our competitors find difficult to beat. We can even arrange custom modified pieces in some cases. Our warehouse is jam packed full of new items with more coming in all the time.

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New & Discontinued

Serious Savings to be Gained...

Special arrangements have been made with our suppliers to provide us with brand new showroom quality furnishings as well as brand new discontinued furnishings. This means there is absolutely no structural or cosmetic damage to the item and we obtain these pieces at incredible savings which we can then pass on to the consumer. The furniture we carry is classified as middle to high end, without the price to go with it.

Scratch & Dent

Each Item Inspected...

All scratch & dent and seconds merchandise is carefully inspected before the cosmetic process begins. Our in-store workshop contains the highest quality products the industry has to offer to make the needed touchups. The process can sometimes be very time consuming and it can be hours or even days before a product comes out to the floor. All scratch & dent items are fully discolsed to the customer so he or she knows what is being purchased.